About Pathways/Llwybrau...

Pathways is a story performance experiment and experience created by storyteller Tamar Eluned Williams. Every month for four months, a new route and performance will be released, to be experienced by audiences however and whenever they choose. After these first four performances, there will be an additional two performance walks, these ones developed in collaboration with other storytellers from around Wales.

Pathways has been designed to interrogate how we experience story as individual listeners, particularly within urban landscapes, and what effect walking and being outdoors has on listening to a story. While each performance will be crafted around a particular route in Cardiff, listeners who are not based in Cardiff are encouraged to walk the stories along their own routes of choice.

The idea for Pathways was born during lockdown, when live storytelling moved online, and many of us began to walk the same paths every day, just in order to get out of the house. The Pathways performances are offered free of charge. Hopefully, they will encourage creative meditation, reflection on landscape, and a personal immersion in story to uplift and lighten the spirits.

Pathways/Llwybrau was made possible through funding from the Arts Council of Wales’s National Lottery Fund.



The team...

Heading 2

Words by Tamar Eluned Williams

Music by Morwen Williams

Project artwork by Ben Robins

With marketing support from Suzanne Carter