"Mair: Meirion's Story"

You don't need to rush. You have all the time in the world.

You are in charge of how you experience Pathways. You can walk half the route and return to experience the rest on another day. You can walk a completely different path. You can choose the accessible option. You can listen from your garden or bedroom or greenhouse. 

I wanted to extend the reach of Pathways and to include voices from all over Wales. That's why, for the next six Pathways performances, I'll be handing over the reins to one of six storytellers from other parts of the country. For this performance, we'll be enchanted by the music and storytelling of Mair Tomos Ifans in Harlech. Mair is a powerful force in the Welsh storytelling and the story she tells is both rooted in mythology and has a message for the future.

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Below is the route that Carol walked and links to downloading her performance. 

Route & Options

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Mair says: The story itself lasts for about an hour, but the journey will be longer. There are five parts to the story because there are five special story chairs in Harlech and this story was created to correspond with those five chairs.  But you do not have to visit all five chairs in order to enjoy the story. You can just walk part of the journey and still listen to the whole story. The choice is yours.


If you were to visit all five story chairs the journey is about 2 miles.  Harlech means "on a slope" or "beautiful slope", so the clue is in the name - there are steep hills between the top and lower parts of the town.

The majority of the journey is on tarmac but there are two paths which include  rough and steep terrain and one sandy path.



1. The journey begins in the Playground located right underneath the steel bridge that leads to the main entrance to Castell Harlech.


2.  Leave the playground, walk across the castle car park and turn left up the hill towards Harlech High Street. Turn right and follow the street until you get to St Tanwg's Church on the corner on your left hand side. Just before the church, there is a path which leads up to Parc Bron y Graig.


3. Leave Bron y Graig by walking through the carpark and turning right to walk down the hill to the high street. Turn left here and walk along the street between the shops and the houses until you get to an open piece of land and a rock.  This is Pen y Graig - the head, or the top, of the rock.  The story chair is on the rock.


4. Follow the path to the left of Pen y Graig. It is uneven underfoot and there are some steps. You will pass a cave. At the bottom of the path, turn right and take great care crossing the road. Walk along the pavement, taking care at the railway cossing. Opposite The Queen's Hotel, turn left and follow the straight Beach Road. At the far end, go through the gate by the car park and follow the path until you get to the story chair.

*If you do not want to take the uneven path from Pen y Graig, you can follow the road back along the street and take the steep tarmac road down to lower part of Harlech.

5. Retrace your steps back along Beach Raod until you come to the turning for the Swimming Pool, opposite Ysgol Ardudwy. You will see King George the 5th Playing Fields where you will find the final story chair.

Accessible Routes

As Mair notes above, there are options to avoid the rough and steep terrain between Bron y Graig and Pen y Graig by remaining in town and heading for the final story chair by the playing fields. Harlech is hilly and many of the roads are steep, but they should still be accessible for wheelchair users.

The Performance

Follow this link to listen to Mair's performance of MEIRION'S STORY or follow this link.

To listen to the performance on Spotify click here.

To listen on Apple Podcasts click here.