"Jo: Melangell"

You don't need to rush. You have all the time in the world.

You are in charge of how you experience Pathways. You can walk half the route and return to experience the rest on another day. You can walk a completely different path. You can choose the accessible option. You can listen from your garden or bedroom or greenhouse. 

I wanted to extend the reach of Pathways and to include voices from all over Wales. That's why, for the next six Pathways performances, I'll be handing over the reins to one of six emerging storytellers. For this performance, we go to Jo Munton, a puppeteer and storyteller based in Powys, to hear her tell a story from her childhood, rooted in the land of her mothers.

You can find out more about Jo's work here.

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Below is the route that Carol walked and links to downloading her performance. 

Route & Options

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Jo says: "Pennant Melangell has has been a pilgrimage point for hundreds and thousands of years. I walked from the village of Llangynog to Pennant Melangell.  This is all walking on a (not very used) road, with no steep points but not many passings bays.  


Once at the churchyard you might chose to go on to the waterfalls.  This is a more hazardous route with some very steep hill walking and possibility of flooding.  

There are footpath markers but you can just follow your nose. You can see them from the site."

Here are some links to potential walks:


15-mile hike

Pennant Melangell Pilgrimage

Accessible Routes

The route above is suitable for most people with a good level of fitness and mobility. Wheelchair accessible options could involve exploring the road to Pennant Melangell from Llangynog, or driving straight to the small carpark at the St Melangell's Church and listening to the story there.

The Performance

Follow these links to listen to Jo's performance of MELANGELL or follow this link.

To listen to the performance on Spotify click here.

To listen on Apple Podcasts click here.