"Chandrika: Ganga"

You don't need to rush. You have all the time in the world.

You are in charge of how you experience Pathways. You can walk half the route and return to experience the rest on another day. You can walk a completely different path. You can choose the accessible option. You can listen from your garden or bedroom or greenhouse. 

I wanted to extend the reach of Pathways and to include voices from all over Wales. That's why, for the next six Pathways performances, I'll be handing over the reins to one of six emerging storytellers. For this performance, we journey step by step with Chandrika Joshi, a storyteller and Hindu priestess from Cardiff, who interweaves her own story with mythology in order to take us on a journey to the source of two rivers, through sand dunes and along river paths, to ultimately discover who we will become as we grow towards our full potential.


Why not get in touch with Pathways and let us know where you walked through this story?

Below is the route that Carol walked and links to downloading her performance. 

Route & Options

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1. Start the walk in Candlestone carpark (Merthyr Mawr Rd, Bridgend, CF32 0LS). At the western end of the car park there is a small bridge. Cross that and you will see the Merthyr Mawr sand dunes. You may take the circular walk around the dunes, as shown on the map if you like, or just meander through the dunes at your leisure.  The circular walk is 3.5 KM long. This is not a wheelchair-friendly walk and you will require good footwear so your ankles are supported as you will be walking through sand.  

2. Come back to Candlestone carpark and walk on the Merthyr Mawr road heading toward the village. This part of the walk is wheelchair-friendly and is 2 KM long. You will pass Ton Farm on your  left and woods on your right. You will come across St Teilo's Church. In the North side of the churchyard, there are stones which date back to the 5th Century. Continue walking on the road and take the first right turning in the village of Merthyr Mawr. 

3. Walk over the Swing bridge which crosses River Ogmore and head toward the River Ewenny. You will come across the stepping stones (Stepsau Teilo) which cross one bank of the Ewenny River to the other. 

Accessible Routes

Please see instructions above for the wheelchair-friendly second half of the route that leads from Candlestone carpark along the Merthyr Mawr road to Ogmore Village, taking in the Ewenny River as you journey.

The Performance

Follow this link to listen to Chandrika's performance of GANGA or follow this link. Unlike the other performances, this one is only available in English.

To listen to the performance on Spotify click here.

To listen on Apple Podcasts click here.