"To the Sea"

You don't need to rush. You have all the time in the world.

You are in charge of how you experience Pathways. You can walk half the route and return to experience the rest on another day. You can walk a completely different path. You can choose the accessible option. You can listen from your garden or bedroom or greenhouse.

The performance has been crafted around a particular route in Cardiff, because that's where I walked through the story. But if you choose to experience it somewhere else, your own individual story walk will be personal to you.

However you experience Pathways, why not get in touch and let me know what happened, how it went, and what came to mind as you walked through story? You can get in touch with me here.

Below is the route I walked and links to downloading the fourth performance. 

This fourth story performance walks part of the Ely Trail along the western edge of the city, following the banks of the River Ely towards the sea. In places, it is an industrial landscape: underpasses beneath a motorway, the roar of the road close by. In others, it feels wild: patches of quiet river, tangled woodland and always the sea, just out of reach, beyond the next bend of the river.


Route & Options


Approx. 45 minutes

Mostly flat with some loose ground underfoot.

This route follows part of the Ely Trail. I recommend taking a look at the full route here.

Start the walk behind the International Stadium at Leckwith, just off Lawrenny Avenue in Sanatorium Park. Follow signs for the Ely Trail towards the river: going under the underpass, and then walking along the riverbank.

Walk for as long as you want, or until you reach the boatyard just before Penarth Road, and then turn and retrace your steps. 

Or, if you'd like to, you could keep following signs for the Ely Trail until you reach Cardiff Bay. That's what I did!

Accessible Routes

The route above is suitable for most people with a good level of fitness and mobility. It is mostly on the flat and on a well-made path that should work for wheelchairs, but there is some slightly rough or uneven ground underfoot in places and some places where there are small lips on pavements to get back to the trail.

For a fully-accessible option, why not listen to the performance while exploring Cardiff Bay/Tiger Bay, the thematic "end" point of the story walk this month?

The Performance

Follow these links to listen to the performance of TO THE SEA/TUA'R MÔR or follow this link.

To listen to the performance on Spotify click here.

To listen on Apple Podcasts click here.